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Nivian Solutions is a HR consulting house operating in all of Serbia, located in Novi Sad. Our company is founded with the main goal of providing HR solutions for furthering the success of businesses , tailored specifically for each client.

Each work organisation is living entity that is driven by the people employed within it. Therefore human resources carry the leading role of all the factors that contribute to the success of a company. Our main motivation and encouragement lies in our idea of optimal use of psychological theory and practice to achieve the HR goals that are set to us. The work of Nivian is led by a contemporary and personalised approach.

Contemporary approach

We are constantly keeping the frame of our solutions dynamic by carefully following the continuous changes in the world of business, but also those of society in general. Therefore a contemporary approach is offered in accordance to any HR challenge we encounter.

Day by day we witness the fact that professional and private environments are constantly changing. We are also conscious of these changes, wich are especially in the last period, significantly accelerated. This situation especially demands a spirited and adaptive attitude towards the management of human resources in all work related organisations. Accordingly, it is our stance, that the HR practices also have to not only be adaptive and dynamic, but also keep up with the changes in social and economic circumstances. For us, this is the only right way of overcoming the challenges of present day human resource management.

Personalised approach

There is a huge potential in the global economy for the automatisation of the processes of work, yet there is a reason for the lack thereof in the area of human resource managment

Nivian proudly acknowledges the significance of a personal approach in its work, grounded in perfect acquaintence with the business operations of its clients. Our professional team of psychologists believes in an individualised workflow, created in accordance with each of the clients needs and focused around the unique challenges that each business partner strives to overcome. Our key lies in a fexible methodology which is transparent and specifically built to the needs of our projects. The aim of our procedure is an optimisation of each and every undertaking, not its automatisation.