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"Business is a game, and as with all games, the team that puts the best people on the field and gets them playing together wins.

It's that simple."

Jack Welch

former GE CEO

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Recruitment, selection and headhunting

Professional recruitment and candidate selection Employment mediation Headhunting (executive search)

Talent management

Performance management Employee motivation program Employee evaluation

Employee development

Training programs


Professional recruitment and candidate selection is a procedure by which the Nivian team reaches the best candidates available on the labor market, according to the requirements set by employer. All the candidates we select meet the criteria of reliability, responsibility, honesty and motivation for self-development, which is our first step in the selection process.

In the next phase, we select those candidates who meet the criteria set in advance by the client. The end result of the selection are top quality employees, who have all the predictors for successful performance..

We recommend this service

For those companies that want their work team made up of the highest quality employees available in the job market. Such employees are the talents of the industry and the future of your company's success.


This service is designed to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes top quality is not a priority, but for the smooth and continuous functioning of the company, it is necessary to find and hire staff with previous work experience as soon as possible.

In such a situation, the goal is to find a suitable candidate as quickly as possible. In that case, we do not use the assesment and selection of candidates, which guarantees us top quality, but we are looking for a person who is prepared for efficient and optimal work in the company, based on their previous work experience.

We recommend this service

Because a company can not function without key people who know how to do their job. Finding the missing link in the shortest possible time, and in order to quickly and efficiently fill an open job position is then a priority.


Some employee profiles are difficult or impossible to find in the job market.

Finding such employees, for whom the need is much greater than availability, is more an art than a technique. In this case, our skill of finding these rare personnel has an advantage over the use of techniques to predict behavior in work circumstances.

Using headhunting strategy, Nivian solutions team identifies and persuades high-level employees to join your company.

We recommend this service

When the optimal functioning of the business is prevented by the lack of required staff on the labor market. Our job then is to overcome this challenge by using a specialized approach. Our goal is to find such a person and use negotiations to bring him into your company.


What factors affect employee productivity?

How to increase employee productivity?

Our primary task is to answer these questions by defining a measure of productivity and a measure of the utilization of employee potential.

It is a complex process of measuring, monitoring and stimulating the overall work of employees, as well as the level of utilization of their potential, with the ultimate goal of increasing employee performance.

We recommend this service

For companies that want to maximize the potential of employees and the effects of their work.


Job satisfaction and motivation are closely linked, they are in the close relation and affect productivity and efficiency. By analyzing a large number of satisfaction factors, we come to proposals and guidelines on ways of increasing satisfaction, motivation and thus employee productivity. We suggest measures that are easy to manage and that are acceptable to employers.

We recommend this service

For companies that recognize employee satisfaction as an important factor in successful business, and want to improve it by creating optimal working conditions in which employees will be maximally encouraged and motivated to work.


NS-AS (Nivian solutions assessment system) is a system through which you get to know your employees, their key business characteristics, career potentials and other important factors. NA-AS answers the questions about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, and to what extent their potentials have been used so far and could be used in the future.

The NS-AS report contains information on all relevant characteristics and potentials of employees, ie everything that every employer would like to know about their employees.

We recommend this service

For companies that want to really get to know their employees, who have a plan to restructure their team, introduce changes, use untapped potential, or maximize the efficiency of their employees.


Through training programs we develop the career potential of employees, teach them new business competencies and encourage the acquisition of new skills. In short, trainings acquire new patterns of behavior that are applicable in a business context. The goal of the training is to maximize the potential of employees, which will be manifested through their more optimal functioning.

Our trainings are designed to follow the specific needs of companies, but also the requirements of the industry in which the company operates.

Trainings we offer

- Effective communication training

- Leadership and decision making training

- Time management and prioritization

- Stress management and mental health

- Project management